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According to Gallup, 82 percent of managers lack the necessary skills or disposition to do their jobs effectively.

Half of these say they lack the skills to engage their teams.

Even less — barely a third of all managers — are engaged themselves.

Improving leadership practice is ground zero for any productivity transformation.

Many advisors start with a skills audit, so managers can figure out what engagement-driving skills they need to target, from motivation to communication to fostering accountability.

We start a level higher, figuring out what basic value creation strategy a leader is pursuing to start:

  • Are they primarily looking to drive long term learning or short term results? 

  • Do they believe success lies in the collective wisdom of the team, or their own ability to lead the way?


The most effective managers strike a balance, and skill development proceeds from there.


To get there, however, they need to know if they're even aiming in the best direction.



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