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Here are some of the great tools we've developed for leaders.

Free to use and adapt in any context. Attribution appreciated but not required.

Questions/comments? Hit us up at (We're especially keen to learn about modifications.)

The ARC®* Agreement template.

*Accountabilities, Resources, Consequences

Everyone wants to feel their impact at work. For employees, this can be hindered by lack of clarity not only on their deliverables (e.g., those they own vs those they contribute to), but whom they can count on for support and where good work will lead.

Gallup has found such shortfalls to be primarily responsible for undermining employee engagement and dragging on organizational performance.

The solution? A simple agreement between each manager and report that clarifies

  • Personal Accountabilities, and how they are measured

  • Resources the organization owes them, and 

  • Career Consequences for great performance.

Click here or on one of the icons to access a template our clients and teams have success with. 

(Note: the ARC® agreement is adapted from an approach developed by industrial psychologists Bruce Klatt, Shaun Murphy and David Irvine in Accountability: Getting a Grip On Results (2003). Check it out here. )


Get the Google Sheet here. 
(Click on "Make a Copy.")

Download in Excel here.

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