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Lead the WHY
to proven performance.

Bad employee survey? Good news. 


Proven, superior performance lies just around the corner.


Our evidence-backed approach combines decades of experience with better science to provide support in three ways:

All bookended with complementary leadership consultations, and tailored to your needs.

Sprint Happy Face

Our flagship:
The Engagement Sprint.

The Turnaround Sprint

Six weeks isn't much.

But it's long enough to initiate a "Performance Flywheel," turning a small amount of applied energy into a self-reinforcing system.

(Find more on the concept here.)


Your delivery consultant will introduce and begin iterating three essential leadership practices:

Most popular:
Custom workshops.

Managers can move mountains when they get:

  • Why workplace engagement & productivity are at historic lows

  • The key drivers within their control

  • How they can kickstart their own "performance flywheel."

We offer a range of workshops to fit your needs including:

  • The 6-Week Turnaround:  Boosting Engagement After a Poor Survey Result or the Like

  • The Joy of Accountability: A Program to Boost Performance, Support & Job Satisfaction

  • Putting Purpose to Work: The 6-Point AIM (Articulate, Implement, Manage) Program

  • Making Missions Matter: Purpose Statements That Actually Makes a Difference

  • What Are They Thinking? A Better Way to Get a Timely Read on Your Team, With or Without AI

Set of Wrenches

​For more information, download our one sheet.

Crowd favorites:
Our keynotes.

Our globally featured TEDx (27K + views)

Our presentation to Mosh Pit  Workplace (2-min teaser - click through for full version)

Kickstart your team transformation with inspiration.


Based on our approach and bestselling book, these can be delivered to groups of any size, from lunch'n'learns to townhalls, in-person or online.


  • The Joy of AI Anxiety: How to Stop Worrying & Love the Bots

  • Bridging the Workplace Gap: Why We’re Facing a Productivity/Engagement Crisis (see sample from Palo Alto’s Workplace Moshpit)

  • Beyond the Buzzwords: The Psychology & Economics of WHY at work

  • Why Your Job Isn't Meaningless: Based on our hit TEDx (27K views and counting)


We view every engagement, no matter how brief, as an opportunity to drive meaningful impact. Each talk is preceded and followed up with a complementary leadership consultation.

For more information, download our one sheet​.​

Tailored to fit.

We believe companies have more in common than they have differences.

Still, no two sets of needs are alike.

Reach out for a free consultation to discover how a workshop, keynote, or sprint can be customized for your needs.

Or drop us a line.



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