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Why do we seem to care about WHY more than ever—having bought millions of books and viewed talks in the tens of millions on the subject in the last 15 years?

Why is global employee engagement stuck around 1 in 5,  after unprecedented investment of time in money getting purpose right?

Why is productivity growth idling around its lowest point since the 1950s? Why are researchers so concerned about the preponderance of "b*llshit jobs"? Why do so many workers report being productive less than three hours a day?

How do some organizations manage to sidestep all these problems? 

These are just some of the questions addressed in our forthcoming book, Why Is a Verb: How Well-Managed Teams Turn Purpose into Productivity (to be published by Lioncrest on April 23).

For a better understanding of how these questions have come to trouble leaders and employees alike—and a taste of a bold new solution—download an exclusive excerpt, the book's first chapter, "Our Purpose Paradox."

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